Out and About

There is a lot going on at Mr. O’Grady Plumbing right now. As we wind down to Christmas (scary, we know!) people are starting to get geared up for summer.

Bathrooms need to be renovated so visiting family members have somewhere to shower, outdoor living areas need to be completed in time for party season and everyone is gearing up to get their businesses looking spick and span for the next calendar year.

We’ve got lots of jobs happening at the moment, mainly bathroom renovations. We are working on one at the moment in Newtown in a lovely little studio apartment. It’s a tight space but the bathroom is coming up great and we just know that Tess – the owner – is going to be stoked when it’s finished.

We are also really happy at the moment because we are doing a lot of work with our good friend Michael Austin, tiler extraordinaire (that may not be his exact job title, but we think it should be!). We like working with Michael since we have known him a long time and jobs with him always go smoothly. He’s always happy to lend a helping hand.

David is on the road today quoting up more new and exciting jobs in time for Christmas and we are sure he’s more than happy to be out and about on such a lovely day (sunny and 33 degrees in Sydney today!) instead of cooped up in the office or on site somewhere.

We will keep you posted with what’s going on and be sure to share some images of what we are working on at the moment soon.

Mr. O’Grady Plumbing